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Great for travel, home, or gym, these bands are a necessity for any workout! They increase the difficulty of just about and exercise in your workout and come with 5 different resistance levels (xlight, light, medium, heavy, xheavy). They are a must have for any fitness enthusiast!

Laura Stimson

 I love using these resistance bands. As a trainer I have to find workouts that could be done at home or without having to use any weights, and these resistance bands definitely help my clients. Strong, all different sizes, and don’t slide. Amazing!!

Valerie Carbajal

Definitely worth it! They work perfect for warm ups and heavy lifting. The range of difficulty is cool & I like the travel bag. I think everybody should use these to really help see a difference in the gym👌🏽

Aaliyah Hurta

I liked them! I’ve had them for a while and they haven’t broke apart.


These bands are awesome and love the different levels, they came in a nice package so that way you keep your bands all together.


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